Easily Distracted By Pontoons And Wine Shirt

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Every last name written down and every detail of their traitorous actions they have wasted our tax dollars time and tried to over throw our government and laws they have tsee more its been going down hill for the american people ever since there was a Easily Distracted By Pontoons And Wine Shirt time when a man could support his family and his wife could raise their children without daycare doing the job morality was taught in the home and people were civil to each othsee more may someone be able to hold them accountable for crimeswe the people deserve justice and to have someone up there that will work with for our country and its people you have had to go through so much just to try to do what you said to make us greatsee more I want to know who ordered the spying. She went into the work force at she only draws a month I help as much as I canbut im working toward my retirement. Especially the looks on the democrats faces now just get us out of these forever wars and begin tackling the debt to kill the progressives goal of destroying our country of independentsloved it also finally

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